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Patterns N Things Inc

Patterns N Things Inc.

Patterns N Things is a family run shop. As such, we take immense pride in what we do. Our reputation is built on exceptional service with the highest level of integrity.

Having started in 1995, we have grown from a one-man pattern shop servicing a limited number of foundries, to now having multiple pattern makers servicing foundries and companies all over North America. This demand and our success has enabled us to adopt CNC and CAD technology so that we can now service all challenges and designs that come into our shop.

In maintaining our small-shop atmosphere, we are able to deliver the best that our talented employees offer. Everyone at Patterns N Things understands the value of high quality products and strives for satisfied customers that keep coming back. Perhaps our greatest delight is to put our talent to the test with more complex and challenging projects.



Naturally, our next advancement has been introducing 3D scanning capabilities that are compatible with our CAD software, ART CAM and Solid works. Staying current with technology, we can take existing elements and generate a 3D model in no time.

Over the years of change, there is one thing that remains constant: We take great pride in working so closely with our customers, providing them with the best customer service possible and standing behind all of the products that go out our door.This will never change.


“A Pattern Maker”

…is an exalted craftsman, the greatest common denominator, as well as the least common multiple of all industrial production.

A pattern maker must have the creative conception of a draughtsman designer, the practical ability of a molder, the precise skill of a machinist, the analytical judgment of a metallurgist and the specific exactness of a mathematician.

He must create a plan, or design, with vision and ingenuity and build the idea from trade to trade with practical knowledge: thinking and forming inside and out with length, breadth and thickness, adjusting accurately all values and dimensions and producing with dextrous finality any conceivable form to be cast in metal.

The products of the pattern maker’s skill are truly surrounded by an aura of greatness which dignifies his right to assume a place of confidence, trust and honor in all industrial advance and national progress.

Edward Leslie



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We aim to provide great customer service. Please contact us if you have any questions about our products and services:

Phone: 519-879-9933



Our excellent working relationship with Patterns and Things has enabled us to offer our customers the advantages of using Styrofoam tooling for their low volume casting needs.- Daniel P., President of a Stoney Creek Business